The Dale Chihuly collection at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, Nv.

you can tour the Gallery at Crystals Place in CityCenter where the artist’s glass works sell for $4,000 to $640,000

To everyone on tumblr and beyond connected to this page

i just wanna thank all of the people who check out my photos that i put on this site im a photographer that started from nothing just a year or two ago i have no promotor or advertising besides what i do on twitter and myspace and such but yet i have alot of people STILL that check out, laugh at or reblog my shots…i appreciate everything that i, at least realize and i realize ppl like my pictures as much as me so i continue doing it!

thanks to everyone!

have a good new year and stay postive and focused no matter what!

some of my first snaps of 2012 (venice beach california)

January 10 2012

©Richard Mckechnie aka SnapShotBeast

Last shots of 2011 (part 3)

Lancaster ca

©Richard Mckechnie aka SnapShotBeast

Last shots of 2011 (part 2)

La Zoo residents

©Richard Mckechnie aka SnapShotBeast

My photos are ALL me and the eyeball

i dont use editing in the photos i put on here straight from the eyeball to the camera to tumblr. that is all

Last shots of 2011 (part 1)

los angeles, ca.

©Richard Mckechnie aka SnapShotBeast

 lunar eclipse December 10 2011 Viewed from Santa Clarita Ca

©Richard Mckechnie aka SnapShotBeast

skies of southern california (route 126 & route 23)

©Richard Mckechnie aka SnapShotBeast